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Adoption Agreement for a Cat or Kitten

Little Buddies Adoption and Humane Society (Little Buddies) and the undersigned adopter, ______________________, in consideration of the mutual promises and other good and valuable consideration in this Agreement, intending to be legally bound by this Agreement, agree to the following terms and conditions:


1. The Cat. Little Buddies is placing the following cat/kitten with you, the Adopter, for adoption by you as an indoor house cat (the Cat):


Name ______________________________________ Sex : Female 5 Male 5

Color/Markings/Breed/Mix __________________________________________________

Distinguishing Characteristics (if any) _________________________________________

Birth Date _________________________ Spay/Neuter Date __________________

Vaccinations and Dates______________________ De-worming Date ________________

Tested for FeLV: Yes 5 Results: _______________ No 5

Tested for FIV: Yes 5 Results: _______________ No 5

Cat's Veterinarian: _________________________ Telephone ________________




2. Spay/Neuter. If the Cat has not been spayed or neutered prior to this adoption, you agree to enter into a Spay/Neuter Agreement with Little Buddies simultaneously with this Agreement, and to have the Cat spayed/neutered in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Spay/Neuter Agreement.


3. Adoption Fee. Little Buddies requires an adoption fee of $120.00 for the Cat, to help defray Little Buddies expenses for the Cats food and veterinary care. Little Buddies has a very limited budget for rescue work. The adoption fee is not refundable under any circumstances. Any donation, in addition to the adoption fee, which you can make would be greatly appreciated.


4. No Representations. You understand that this Cat was previously unwanted or lost and may have been rescued from a dangerous, unhealthy and/or cruel situation. This could result in the Cats emotional or physical illness. You agree that Little Buddies is making no representation or warranties about the temperament, personality or condition of the Cat. You agree that there may be some unknown viruses or other infectious diseases that the Cat may have been exposed to that may not show any symptoms at this time, but which may be transmittable to other animals and/or people.


5. Care of the Cat. You agree to provide the Cat with free run of your house, fresh water, wholesome food, a clean littler box and affection. For health and safety reasons, you agree not to allow the Cat outdoors unsupervised in areas not enclosed by a safe cat fence. You also agree never to strike or harm the Cat.


6. Veterinary Care. You agree to have the Cat examined by a licensed veterinarian within 2 weeks of adoption and not less than yearly thereafter. In case of illness or injury, you agree to seek prompt veterinary care. You agree to keep rabies, distemper and feline leukemia vaccinations current as recommended by your veterinarian. You consent to us inquiring with your veterinarian about the Cat after the adoption, and to us doing a home visit at a mutually convenient time.


7. Declawing Prohibited. You agree not to have the Cat declawed. Scratch posts should be purchased.


8. Transfer; Euthanasia. If at any time you determine that you no longer want to, or no longer can, keep the Cat, you agree to return the Cat to Little Buddies so that we can take him/her back to arrange another adoption.. You agree not to abandon, give away, sell, or dispose of the Cat in any way. You agree that you may never surrender the Cat to an animal shelter which euthanizes animals. You agree that you may not euthanize the Cat except in the case of terminal illness or injury, and in that case the euthanasia must be performed by a licensed veterinarian in a private clinic or hospital.


9. Lost Cat. You agree to make a serious effort to find the Cat if he/she becomes lost, by immediately; (a) filing lost reports with the local police, animal control authorities, animal shelters, SPCAs and local veterinarians, (b) posting lost cat signs and (c) contacting Little Buddies for additional advice.


10. Breach of Agreement; Liquidated Damages. In the event that you do not comply with the terms of this Agreement, or if the Cat is abused or neglected, one of Little Buddies remedies will be to recover the Cat from you upon demand. Promptly after the demand, Little Buddies will come to your home, and you must surrender the Cat to Little Buddies immediately. In addition, without waiving any of our rights under this Agreement, if you do not surrender the Cat to Little Buddies, you will owe Little Buddies a payment in the amount of $500.00, agreed between us as just and reasonable liquidated damages to compensate Little Buddies for our costs and expenses in connection with your breach of this Agreement.


11. No Liability. Little Buddies is not liable to you or any other party for any claims, losses, damages, costs, injuries, legal actions, expenses, liabilities, lawsuits or judgments whatsoever in connection with your adoption or ownership of the Cat.


12. Entire Agreement; Modification; Binding Effect. This Agreement is the entire agreement between Little Buddies and you, and supersedes any prior understandings between you and Little Buddies with respect to the subject matter hereof. No modification of this Agreement will be valid unless in writing duly signed by both you and Little Buddies. This Agreement is binding on your and Little Buddies successors, heirs, assigns, executors and personal representatives.




Dated: ________________________________






Signature __________________________________________________________________________


Printed Name ______________________________________________________________________


Street Address ______________________________________________________________________


City ______________________ State ________________________ Zip ________________


Home Phone ________________________ Work Phone _________________________________


E-mail _____________________________ Fax ________________________________________


Signature of Spouse/Partner/Roommate __________________________________________________

Little Buddies


Signature of Representative of Little Buddies _____________________________________________


Printed Name and Title ______________________________________________________________


Address __________________________________________________________________________


City ______________________ State _______________________ Zip ________________


Telephone ________________________________________________________________________


E-mail ___________________________________________________________________________



THIS FORM MUST BE COPIED. One copy goes to the Adopter and one copy stays with Little Buddies.



Thank you for adopting a homeless cat.